Drive Retail Growth Through Data

Connect with in-store customers, track conversion attribution, use data to make marketing decisions.

From Discovery to Repeat Customer.

Turn marketing clicks into customers, gather insightful data, retarget and drive customers to your highest margin sales channels.


Customers find a link to the rebate campaign through various places like ads on Meta, QR codes on physical products or influencer content.


Customers upload a copy of their receipt on our custom coupon pages. Here we collect their details like phone number or email.


Customer receives their rebate, influencers automatically get a cut, and we invite everyone to become an affiliate.


Use the customer data for more personalized offerings or surveys.

Our tools for retail growth

price tagBuild & Promote
Your Offer
Instantly generate a custom landing page for your offer and distribute it on your existing marketing channels.
Redeems Offer
After purchase, customer uploads their receipt easily through our platform and we reimburse them within 24 hours.
bar chartMeasure
Check your dashboard in real-time to see who redeemed your offer, where and when they bought it and pricing information.

Gather the same data from retail customers as you have for your e-commerce customers

illustration with sparkles and dollarsGet detailed insights on your campaigns using our dashboard.
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Figbrew saw a 25% signup to redemption rate compared to the industry average of 5%

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Start driving sales today and getting insight on who is buying your products, where they are buying them, and for how much



Campaign design and ongoing setup, tweaks, and management
1 digital coupon
3 affiliate links
50 Retail doors maximum
3 affiliate links
Max. 500 signups
$0.50 per signup
Customer signup with email only
Affiliate payout via Venmo/PayPal
Check your digital coupon performance in your real-time dashboard
Dashboard access expires after 30 days



Everything from Growth+
5 digital coupons
500 Retail doors maximum
50 affiliate links
Max. 10,000 signups
VIP coupons for affiliate gifts
$0.50 per signup
Customer signup with email or SMS
Opted in customer data
Dashboard access expires 90 days after billing ends

Ultra Premium


Everything from Premium+
50 digital coupons
Unlimited retail doors
500 affiliate links
Max. 50,000 signups
$0.35 per signup
Basket-level receipt data
Klaviyo Integration
Customized signup response email
Customization of coupon
Bulk payout for affiliates

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